11 Soft Skills to Accelerate Your Career

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Soft skills enable a person write and communicate successfully. These are key to professional progress and success. Therefore, take 6- minutes out of your day to learn about these 11 soft skills that will accelerate your career.

  • Communication:

 Listen without interrupting, communicate with a good tone, and most importantly pay attention to your body language

  • Persuasion:

 Identify the things that are important to other people, and then think about stories that will resonate with them and find a way to tell those stories that is both concise and moving.

  • Negotiation:

 Listen to what the other side is saying and try to grasp what they are saying. Decide on your value, and then come up with solutions that benefit all parties involved.

  •  Relationship building:

 Help others unconditionally, look for common interests and always add value before asking for something in return.

  • Empathy:

Look at things from the perspective of the other person and recognize their sentiments.  Never judge and always be supportive, be generous with your time and attention.

  • Positive attitude:

 Never gossip. Never complain. Keep your criticisms to a minimum and always speak kindly of your fellow human beings.

  • Teamwork:

Do not take all the glory for yourself; instead, rejoice in the success of others. Praise colleagues in front of others and be generous with your praise.

  • Conflict resolution:

Avoid confrontation and accusations. Focus on solutions rather than issues. When you are at fault, apologize unreservedly.

  • Emotional intelligence

 Never behave impulsively, and always take a step back when you are angry. Recognize how you are feeling. Consider the consequences of your actions, and then proceed appropriately.

  • Time management:

 Learn to prioritize. Learn to delegate. Learn to say no.

  •  Work ethic:

 Take responsibility for your work. Always show up and deliver on time. Always keep your commitments. Never deflect blame on to others.

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