5 Bizarre Recent Gol Gappe Creations That Will Surprise You

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Even if we may not agree on the name of this street food item, we can all agree that Asians mainly Pakistanis and Indians are crazy about it!

We all like getting together with our loved ones to share this mouthwatering chaat, whether it is just a few Gol Gappas for a chat-pata treat or a full-blown eating competition.

Street food sellers around the country are experimenting with new ways to serve Gol Gappa because of its widespread popularity.

This weird Gol Gappe list is going to blow your head…

Chow-Mein Gol Gappe

These Gol Gappas are prepared traditionally by stuffing them with chopped potato and imly chutney. The crazy twist comes when a layer of Chow Mein is put on top of the Gol Gappa. More imly chutney, curd, candied fruit, shredded coconut, and chopped coriander are sprinkled on top of the bizarre Chow Mein Gol Gappe. As if it was not enough, the Gol Gappe is accompanied by two hot sauces.

Marinda/Fanta Gol Gappe

We have all seen Gol Gappas stuffed with boiled potatoes, chana, onions, and the mouthwatering khata meetha pani. However, traditional fillings for Gol Gappas have been replaced with Marinda’s icy drink by a street seller.

Egg Gol Gappe

Until now, we have seen a lot of weird food combinations that have made many people unhappy. A street vendor’s egg Pani Puri dish is making people both cringe and feel outraged at the same time. This Gol Gappe comes with an omelet, yes, you read it correctly.

Fire Gol Gappe

After Fire Pan, we introduce you, to Fire Gol Gappe. This road vendor has added fiery flames within the beloved Gol Gappa and it’s simply mind-blowing! Why people are so obsessed with fire?

Chocolate Gol Gappe

Chocolate-covered golgappas, are filled with choco chips and a tiny piece of wafer chocolate is placed in them. Even the custard is used to fill the remaining half and drizzles a good amount of chocolate syrup on them..

I’m out!

When it comes to street food, we have managed to maintain this love from childhood to adulthood with Gol Gappas. Therefore, stop messing with it. PLEASE.

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