5 Cute Casual Winter Outfits for Women

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The rising temperatures of our showers announce the beginning of the coldest, quietest and the dreariest season of all. It’s time for the dark days of winter! Yep, with blankets, coffee, oversized socks and sweaters, comes the weather that is the most difficult to dress up for!

And for all the right reasons! It’s a challenge trying to put together a winter outfit that is not only comfortable but also stylish. The struggle of that may frustrate you into pulling on a pair of leggings with an oversized puffer jacket and call it a day.

Or if you choose style over warmth and comfort, you are most likely to go through the day shivering out of your bones.

But guess what? You don’t have to choose between the two! Practicality and style can absolutely go hand in hand!

We have compiled five easy and casual winter outfits based on articles of clothing that you probably already own!


One of the easiest of casual winter outfits

Starting with the most basic one that you obviously can never go wrong with! Streetwear, in its essence, centres on casual and comfortable pieces of clothing.

Which means you get to put on wide or regular jeans with your favourite oversized T-shirt or sweater. Add on a pair of sneakers and maybe a baseball cap! This is one of those casual winter outfits that can be turned into a chic style with just the right colour contrasts.

Trench coats with Beanies

trench coat goes as the classiest yet one of the most casual winter outfits

You say winter, we hear trench coats! You can throw it on basically any outfit you are wearing, and it will make it look classy. Pair a trench coat with a beanie and you have created your own vintage look there!

This is really casual and one of the easiest winter outfits to pull as you can wear it over basically any outfit, may it be skirts or shorts or jeans!

Jacket Vests with Leggings

jacket vests provides the comfiest and cosiest look for casual winter outfits

Jacket vests are an update to sweater vests – who could have thought something thick yet sleeveless can come with such versatility, right? They are perfect for those early days of winter when it might not be cool enough for a full on sweater.

On top of that, they work with any trend and never fail to complete an outfit! Wear them over a turtleneck for a casual night out, or with a button down as one of those chic office winter outfits.

Shackets with Turtlenecks

Shackets gained enormous popularity in 2021, which means that we can totally bring them back in 2022! They provide my favourite casual yet chic winter look and go with most outfits!

Just wear it over your favourite pair of jeans or style it with a pair of luxe leggings and a turtleneck and look classy all day!

Plaid Skirts with Sweaters

Plaid skirts have undoubtedly made a comeback and I am 100% here for it! A plaid skirt with a sweater or turtleneck and knee-high boots is such an easy look to recreate for a casual winter outfit.

We hope our list of casual winter outfits will accompany you to a comfortable yet stylish winter! Gone are the days where you would have to stare at your wardrobe for ages and then throw on the most basic outfit in frustration.

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