5 Hottest Summer Nail Colors Of 2022

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You cannot go wrong with the pool’s glittering blue, the lime-green beach chair, the vivid yellow sunnies, and the golden hour.

Starting with your nails, incorporate them into your cosmetic looks. Changing up your polish choices does not need a lot of effort or time. Summer’s top nail colors have been predicted by experts here.

  1. Pops of coral

In the summer, vivid colors are popular. People want to look their best in the sun by wearing colors with warm undertones and bright, upbeat hues. Warm coral tones make a fun spin on classic cherry tips for both hands and feet.

Find a red with orange undertones, like Tenoverten’s LA or Rooted Woman’s Unwavering, or choose a gentler salmon to convey the intensity without crimson.

  1. Playful pinks

Head-to-toe pink, according to Pear Nova CEO Rachel James, is this summer’s trend.

So why not give your hands and feet a dose of fun with a mani-pedi? Do not be afraid to experiment with different shades of pink in your manicure. More and more clients have been sporting brighter pink manicures this year. Consider Pear Nova’s fuchsia or Orly’s vivid lilac as your next go-to nail polish choices.

  1. All things citrus

This season’s most popular nail color is citrus. Imagine: You are out with friends, having a refreshing drink in your hand and the color of your fingertips closely resembles that of a fresh lime wedge.

Colors such as orange, yellow, and green are ideal for summer. Olive & June’s Lime Fizz and orange tint provide just the right amount of zing to take you to a tropical holiday.

  1. Poolside blues

A lot of blues have been popping up lately. Poolside colors like electric, royal, and cornflower are making quite a statement.

Cote’s True Blue is reminiscent of a well-worn pair of denim, while Paint box’s sea-foam color is universally attractive. Consider adding a little of glitter to your nails if you would like a more summery look, exactly as the sun glints off the beach.

  1. Barely there neutrals

Regardless of the season, neutral nails are always in style. This season, we are seeing an increasing number of “barely there” manicure designs, as they are low-maintenance and never go out of fashion. It is best to go for a “bare nails but better” hue that is sheer enough to highlight your healthy nails while still covering up any imperfections.

For a timeless, milky look, go with a fresh, milky color like J.Hannah’s fading hue or Base Coat’s Sandstorm.

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