5 Incredibly Useful Google Docs Tips and Tricks

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Lately many people have been making the switch to Google’s alternatives for Microsoft’s document editing and presentation software. That may be due to the versatility the former platform offers, or the ease of access, or efficient synchronisation between all Google apps, or the effortless notetaking one can enjoy through Google Docs.

Chances are that at some point, you would find yourself using the powerful Google text editor. Although, while Google Docs is about as powerful a text editor as one could ask for, it’s only going to be as good as its operator. 

Whether you are new to the software, or have been using it for a while – you could always use some extra Google Docs tips and tricks, so we have listed a few handy ones.

Are you tired of blurry screenshots or all that extra effort it takes to first screenshot something and then inserting it to your doc? What if I told you there is a shortcut for including content from other Google suite apps, like Sheets, to your text document?

how to insert charts in google docs: tips and tricks

You can simply insert that info using a URL. Follow these steps to insert linked objects from another Google program:

  1. Click Insert in the toolbar of your document.
  2. Suppose you need to insert an object from Google Sheets, click Charts, and select From Sheets.
  3. A pop-up appears showing all the sheets you have access to. Select a sheet to show which charts are available to include.
  4. Select the desired chart, then click Import to import it into your text document.
  5. The chart you imported will remain linked to the original spreadsheet it came from, so any changes on either end will appear on the other as well. If you don’t want that, you can unlink the chart by clicking on the chart and clicking Unlink in the drop-down in the upper-right corner of the chart.

Use Suggestion Mode to Track and Improve Changes

Suggestion mode is particularly useful when more than one person is working on a document at a time. It doesn’t immediately apply your changes to the document, instead Docs tracks your changes and puts a comment next to any changes with a prompt to save or disregard the changes. 

how to access the suggestion mode in google docs: tips and tricks

Check Definitions of Words with the Built-in Docs Dictionary

If you are the kind that always needs a second opinion on whether or not you are using the correct word – you don’t need to exit the document everything and go to Google to check whether or not  you had the word mixed up. You can use the Google Docs built-in dictionary by  highlighting the word you want to define, then pressing Ctrl+Shift+Y to open the dictionary side panel with the definition of your highlighted word.

Let Google Docs Select Your Hyperlink

Usually when hyperlinking something,  you need to do a manual Google search, visit the website, and then copy and paste the URL. But, not with Google Docs. Let it do all that work for you and search for the URL. Just highlight the text you want to hyperlink, and Google Docs will bring up a list of suggested URLs to insert.

how to add hyperlinks to google docs: tips and tricks

Use Google Docs Offline

Concluding with the simplest but the most useful of Google Docs tips – did you know that you can use this Google software offline? That’s right! Despite it being a web-based program, you can still use it in offline mode. Any changes you make will be automatically synced once you go back online.

Google may ask you to allow offline usage if it’s your first time. However, you can also go to Google Drive and click on the settings icon in the top-right corner to allow offline access.

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