6 Weird Foods in Pakistan to Eat

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Every region has a few dishes that are favored by people of that region but are disliked by individuals from other places. Although Pakistan’s cuisine is known for its spicy and tasty meals, there are several dishes that, despite their popularity, cause many people to pause before eating them.

These dishes are included in the list below. If you are a foodie, you may have tried these foods, or you may be one of those individuals who find them weird.

1- Ojhiri

Rather than the animal itself, Ojhri is the animal’s insides. Obviously, this large white balloon is filled to the brim with poop (Legit BULLSHIT), as this is the storage location for your intestines! The skin contained within an Ojhri is a butt. Hopefully, it is been skinned, cleaned, and marinated in heaps of spices.

2- Maghaz

In Maghaz, which is also known as Bheja Fry and Brain Masala, the brains of goats, lambs, cows, and buffalo are fried. Even though it is a spice that is regarded to be a delicacy, many people still have second thoughts when they discover that they are actually going to be eating brains.

3- Takatak

Many food streets around the country serve the popular Gurday-Kapooray as a popular cuisine item. These are animal balls/nuts/testicles and kidneys (all whatsoever you want), that have been spiced up a lot.

4- Tongue

Animal tongues, such as those of cows, goats, and buffaloes, are what we are dealing with here. Breakfast is the most common time to eat this. Grams and lentils are the primary ingredients in this dish. If you ever find yourself at Lahore’s Old Anarkali, you may readily taste this dish.

5- Dumchi

The ass of the Chicken. You read that correctly! Despite the fact that you can envision how little a chicken’s that part may be, many people find it appetizing and are commonly served at BBQ establishments.

6- Potay

It is like Chicken’s Ojhri. Even while the Ojhri is clearly smaller than the Ojhri of cows or goats, it is nonetheless a location where chickens store their shit. It is a common menu item in BBQ joints.

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