7 Pakistani Social Media Influencers Putting Out Quality Content

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The world of social media can be easily accessed by anybody, which is one of the reasons why practically everyone aspires to become famous through it. There are many people who may become influential just by having one of their videos go viral and gaining a large amount of attention. But the admiration shown to influencers who rose to fame as a result of the steady publication of valuable material is of a different sort.

Today, we will be highlighting Pakistani influencers that consistently provide high-quality content across the board.

Sarah Peracha

Sarah Peracha is an avid blogger who enjoys discussing cuisine, art, history, as well as culture. She freely expresses her ideas and opinions on politics, the law, and current events.

Humna Raza

Humna Raza has amassed a following of 397k by writing full-time and expressing her opinion on numerous facets of life, ranging from lifestyle to fashion. These daily issues keep her audience interested in her content and encourage them to interact with it.

Muzamil Hasan

Muzamil Hasan, the husband of Humna Raza, became recognized for his video skits. As a result of his marriage to Humna, they have become something of a power couple. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have lifted the standard for the influencer marketing sector in Pakistan.

Hassan Ahmad

Hassan Ahmad is one of those individuals who has broken the preconceptions associated with persons who have disabilities. He is not afraid to face the world and ensures that the public accepts him as he is.


Mooroo made the decision to become a Vlogger in Pakistan at a time when Pakistan was still nascent in the internet realm. Over the course of his career, he has built a reputation for being someone who, once he has formed an opinion, is unwavering in that position.

Junaid Akram

When Junaid Akram uploads new content, he typically does it while seated in the same location and delivering his remarks. However, rather than simply being an emotional outburst, this work is supported by reason, which makes it much more fascinating to watch.

(To know more about Junaid Akram and his podcasts click here!)

Mehrub Moiz Awan

Mehrub Moiz Awan, formerly known as Dr. Moiz Awan, is a Khuwajasira who highlights the harsh realities of our society and the problems that Khuwajasiras face. Even if he uses improper language in his videos, the information and subject he discusses is something that everyone should see.

Does anybody else deserve to be on this list from Pakistan? Let us know what you think!

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