A Guide to Surviving In a Long Distance Relationship

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Take it from someone who knows; long-distance relationships, or LDR as my friend likes to call it can be tough. More so for the couples of today due to the unrealistic romanticism portrayed in pop culture.

Well, there are even some upsides to it all, video and audio calls, texts, and even efficient, delivered gift baskets make it easier for couples to communicate and express themselves while being physically apart in today’s world.

Still, anyone out there who has been going through similar circumstances or has gone through this phase knows that talking for endless hours on call is just a crumb on the cake when comparing it to the physical presence of that loved one. Sometimes all you want is to be just near them, and you would be willing to give up countless call hours for that.

Still, it is what it is. What can you do? So better gear up on these tips on how to get through LDR while making it fun:

The key is communication

Be it by text or sharing memes on Instagram, random slightly, funny/cringy snaps on Snapchat, videos or songs on YouTube, or even calling as soon as you become available. It’s highly essential to communicate about entirely, anything in any way.

Trust is must

Being in different places can mean you don’t know what the other person is up to. Plus, you can’t always talk every day for hours due to varying work schedules, time constraints, and even time differences. So like in any other relationship, just like in the one you have with your mother and father, they trust you to come back home after work. In the same way, your partner and you should have faith and trust in each other.

Send love

A small token of appreciation here and there. Birthdays, anniversaries, and valentine’s day are what keep the energy and spark of the relationship growing. Who doesn’t like gifts and when they are a surprise it gets even better. Having a shared Foodpanda account is a great way to send love in the form of your loved one’s favorite snack.

Time balance

Taking out time, be it for even a small ‘good morning’ text, is very crucial when it comes to LDR. For Pakistan and US couples, the time difference is drastically huge so someone has to swallow the sour pill and wake up early in the morning to talk to the other in their late night. It’s tough, but it works!

Plan activities

Binge-watch a show together on ‘Netflix party’, exchange music playlists, or even if you’re that sort of an intellectual couple, read a book together where one person is reading aloud, and the other is on the phone listening.

Just hang on a while, it’ll pass!

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