A Marriage to your Workplace

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Relationship, that’s what it is 

If you take the distribution of the 24 hours, there are majorly two parts (excluding your sleep). One is your work, and the second is the time that you give to your marriage/ relationship or your relations. Whichever it is for you. For the reason of clarity, I’ll be pursuing the following conversation between you and me in terms of marriage.

For most people, you are what you do, which means in other words that you’re married to your work. Why should we look at it any other way? Like marriage, your work is always a constant struggle. A love-hate relationship that continues back and forth multiple times, sometimes settling into a lovey-dovey phase where you’re having fun, enjoying with your co-workers, and happy with the environment. At other times, the relationship with work turns sour. You don’t want to see workers’ faces, you hate being with them and you can’t wait till you just leave each other alone for the day.

The beginning isn’t too different. In this phase, it’s pretty much like getting to know your significant other. Butterflies, sometimes from anxiety and sometimes from excitement, but a constant tumbling in your stomach in the initial few weeks of your job is absolutely normal. It’s the stress of getting the hang of things, knowing your colleagues, and trying to just fit into this relationship as well as you can.

You’re married to your work. That’s the gist of it. The two parts of your day, they’re pretty much the same which is slightly a different dynamic. 

It’s absolutely normal to get cold feet in your workplace like you’d do when you’re in a relationship. As human beings, we tend to lose interest in something which sticks for too long. Don’t take this in a bad way, but it is what it is. You can observe it in humans when they’re just children. The excitement phase of a new toy, the playing and always staying together phase, and finally, the phase where you couldn’t be bothered too much about it and it becomes a norm. This happens at work as well. You’re always excited when you start a new role and you’re learning the ropes and getting the hang of times. For a long period of time, you do that work with consistency and dedication, and if you stay in that role for too long, you get bored and want to move on to something new. New opportunities excite you and now you want to have a change of environment.

This scenario though if replicated in a relationship or marriage, is something that I would be too bold to say isn’t too different. You do get excited at first, and at the end of it get used to the presence of the other person and get more excited sometimes with other people, newer people. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this point might be living in a fool’s paradise. This is a course with everything; your work, relationship, marriage, or even a new car or house. Obviously the difference is that you commit to your relationship or marriage and make it last. This needed to be said out loud or otherwise, the fire department would’ve been needed to put the fire out on the heads of a few people who might get triggered reading this.

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