A Pleasant July? Really? 

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Didn’t think July would ever come to look like this. 

(The report has been taken out from Accuweather)

You can see how May ended in a heat wave as temperatures soared to 41 degrees Celsius. As the monsoon showers come in, Islamabad is expected to have a daily average high of 31 degrees Celsius which isn’t that bad when you think that it’s July we’re talking about. 

The Summers have been unbearable so far as we didn’t get to spring this year around. Low-lying areas however in the twin cities would need to gear up for a potential inundation as the rains would continue for weeks. According to rescue 1122 officials, the water level at Nullah Leh has reached dangerous levels already and is flowing at high levels at various points.

Everyone better get their umbrellas and their car wipers fixed as the clouds have decided that ‘the show must go on’.

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