Another day, Another Mass Shooting.

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The entire United States is once again shaken to its core after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School – which teaches children aged seven to 10 – in the city of Uvalde before he was killed by law enforcement. According to the reports, the gunman was armed with a handgun, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and high-capacity magazines. The shooter is also suspected of shooting his grandmother before the rampage. Local media report he may have been a high school student in the area. Amongst the deceased are two teachers, Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles. 19 kids all died in the shooting. All these children were under 10 and were all enrolled in the same fourth-grade class.

After a report broke out of the shooting, there was uproar and support from people all over the country and even internationally. Joe Biden held a press conference where he said he had hoped he would not have to do this when he became president. He asked the public why do we continue to live in this carnage. Later, he tweeted that these shootings seldom happen anywhere else, and it’s time to ask ourselves why. Pope Francis also called for stricter gun reforms and said,

It is time to say enough to indiscriminate arms trafficking. Let us all commit to ensuring such tragedies can no longer take place.

Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, said,

It is time for Congress to join together to enact gun control legislation.

She also stated that some members of Congress have offered hollow words while opposing all efforts to save lives.

Everyone in the states is enraged that the school had no security whatsoever. People are asking why there were no armed guards, metal detectors and cameras on the school’s premises. In a country where there were 34 school shootings in 2021, 24 of which occurred after August 1, you would think districts would priorities equipping schools with the necessary safety. Then there has also been a call for gun reforms and stricter gun control. But that’s a debate going on for years in the United States. While the republicans think that stricter gun laws will encroach on their freedoms and that taking their guns away will somehow be a violation of their God-given right, shootings continue to happen, and innocent children continue to be gunned down in their schools.

Furthermore, people are also calling for mental health reform in the entire country. There needs to be a long term meaningful solution to identify people with mental health issues and then help these people get better. As long as disturbed people are allowed to continue to live amongst the rest of society without receiving any help, they will continue to hurt the people around them. A majority of these school shooters were people with disturbed psyches. After all, other than a deranged man who would shoot down 10-year-old primary school children.

Let us hope this is not another school shooting swept under the rug. Lets pray that the outcry and the tweets don’t become last week’s news, and the public jumps on the next trendy topic. The United States has seen its share of meaningless violence, and nothing short of complete reform will fix this issue.

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