Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan-India Set to Confront on August 28

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Did someone say Cricket? YES!

But, did someone say INDIA vs PAKISTAN? ALSO YES!

Here’s some good news, for all the cricket-freaks, but, also for those who aren’t really fond of cricket but they glue to their screens when it’s a Pakistan-India faceoff.

The schedule for the 15th edition of the Asia Cup has been announced with the tournament to be commenced on August 27, 2022 with final on September 11, 2022, hosted by UAE.

It was to be hosted by Sri Lanka but due to the ongoing political and economic crisis, UAE had to take over while Sri Lanka retains its position as host.  There would be nine teams playing in a T20 format, beginning with Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan as the opening game.


Mark your calendars for 28th as the arch-rivals, India and Pakistan, would be seen confronting each other on the cricket ground, on the last smashing Sunday of August as per the schedule.

The fans from both sides of the border are super excited for this face-off as this is the first encounter between both teams after the T20 World Cup Match last year in which Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets.

The enthusiasm in both countries can be seen in several tweets that followed the announcement by Jay Shah.

Seemingly pleasant for all the cricket lovers, it would also be quite entertaining for the rest of us to see people with their newly-aroused patriotism along with witty memes and tweets, keeping both sides at daggers drawn while also being united as ONE. One India and One Pakistan.

So, let the countdown begin because the most anticipated match is only 25 days away!

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