Aurat Card

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A Free Pass

Its been a century since the suffrage movement achieved its momentous feat of securing women’s rights for voting. 1920 was the year and this had a domino effect on everything. Such an important point in history, which was the start of liberation for women. Times went on and it took two world wars to put women in the work fields and women empowerment scaled on an unprecedented level. It’s the 21st century now, yet there are still many areas which need improvement. But one thing women could not let go of was, the ‘Aurat Card’. 

There is a lot of polarization on many opinions, and there would be a lot of polarization on this concept as well, but from what is observed on a day to day basis, this is something women aren’t willing to let go of. Maybe the society hasn’t matured enough for them to not play this card, but in some instances, it has and women just need to stop playing this card and accept being treated as equals if they want to actually be treated as an equal. 

The plainest and most obvious example is of standing in a queue. May it be the traffic police office or the bank, women always tend to just bust in front of a line. Why? Because ‘Hum ladies hain’. 

It is understood that the ratio of men to women in such places is really high, and that’s why women tend to be serviced first, but here is an example of how women should want to stand in line themselves. Exhibit the equality that they ask for themselves. Why should they get to ask for equality where they are advantageous of it, and not where they find limits and restrictions.

There are a significant amount of videos on the internet, in which a woman will not only insult a man, but practice the highest form of insult; Slap the man, that too in public. On the same scenario, the woman will expect that the man, ‘be a man’, and take the slap without having to react to it. Its expected out of men to absorb their anger and act against their will to react to this situation, because God forbid if you do. If you do, you would be set out to be an outcast, a barbaric person who would dare to ‘raise his hand on a woman’. Physical abuse of any form should be discouraged and neither party should have a free pass to be able to do so. 

One thing which has started to play its toxic part in todays world are the defamation cases. A woman will blame a man for sexual harassment, and no one even bats an eye before siding with the woman. People, especially women, won’t hear the story or any part of it, and blindly side with what the woman has to say. They do so because they have experienced something in one form or another in this  patriarchal society, but that doesn’t mean that they forego giving reason to something. Examples of cases like Meesha Shafi and now the internationally followed case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, have shown that there is more to things than just believing what the woman has to say. It shouldn’t be so simple to completely rid a man of his reputation and career, by simply playing the ‘Aurat Card’.

Equality is a hard place to get at. The world has never known equilibrium in any form, may it be physics or may it be rights, but we are striving towards that.  Even men face extreme un equality in society in terms of the pressures that they have to sustain, which are definitely different from what a women has to, that doesn’t justify them playing their ‘Because I’m a man’, card either. Just so, this ‘Aurat Card’ has wreaked havoc in the society just as much too, and its time we start changing these dynamics and move towards actual equality which should be a form of harmony. 

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