Best 5 TV Shows to Binge This October

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In addition to being the spooky scary season, October is also the cosy comfort season – which is my favourite thing about this time of the year. Because not only is it the right time to stream Halloween movies, you can also take advantage of the long and dark fall evenings by streaming cosy autumn movies and TV shows in October.

October is the perfect time to binge on your favourite shows, especially with the fall TV in the gear and elongated dark hours exclusive to this season. So, kick off your shoes, grab your pumpkin-spiced beverage of choice and snuggle up on the couch to check out five of our favourite streaming TV shows that are worth your time!

1. Inside Amy Schumer 

Comedy Central’s Emmy Award-winning sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer was a staple of the 2010s wave of feminist comedy. Inside Amy Schumer was the perfect vehicle for the titular comedian’s road to stardom as the confident Schumer and her team delivered progressive female-oriented social commentary on issues with an edgy, absurdist bluntness that often hit hard in hilarity. 

inside amy schumer is one of the best tv shows to binge this october

Six years after viewers last went Inside, Schumer is back with a fifth season, premiered on 20 October on Paramount+ in the US, which is low-key the revival of the series that put her on the map in the first place.

2. The Walking Dead

To say that AMC’s The Walking Dead has been wildly successful is an understatement. From the moment of its 2010 premiere, the post-apocalyptic thriller has been a cable ratings champ. And despite a decaying television landscape and the show’s ever-more gruesome episodes, each season draws a staggering number of viewers—almost as if the show were a viral infection itself.

the walking dead is one of the tv shows making a return this october

Eleventh and the last season of the show premiered on 2 October – making it the perfect TV show to bring back this October.

3. The Midnight Club

It’s something of a Halloween tradition now for horror maestro Mike Flanagan to drop another of his deliciously terrifying miniseries – and so comes this latest chilling-looking tale, adaptation of a novel by YA writer Christopher Pike and centring on a group of terminally ill teenagers living in a hospice who form a “midnight club” in which they share spooky stories. 

The first season of The Midnight Club premiered on 7 October on Netflix, and now we are 10 episodes in.

4. Let The Right One In

After The Vampire Diaries, here’s another new high-profile vampire shows for audiences to get their teeth into this month (pun intended). Set in New York, it stars Demián Bichir as the father of a girl who turned into a vampire a decade ago and is now stuck in the body of a 12-year-old, and their struggle to find a cure for her affliction.

Let the Right One In premiered on 7 October on Showtime in the US and 8 October on Paramount+ in the UK.

5. The White Lotus

Mixing social satire with tropical sunsets, Mike White’s holiday resort-set comedy-drama was one of the most talked-about shows of 2021 – with the result that, even though the producers conceived it as a one-off series, it is now returning for a second run. 

the white lotus is deffo one of the TV shows you should watch in october

The White Lotus premieres on 30 October on HBO in the US 

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