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“Business a kind entity”

I personally disagree with the phrase. Business should not be just business. It should have more purpose to it.

“He may be easy going, but business is business, and he won’t let anything get in the way of making profit.”

 Macmillan Dictionary

Business should be profitable; it should be providing for the people working in the entity, but it should not be just for that. A good business should always be good for the community, bringing positive change, and must have some set boundaries.

Let’s take the example of UNILEVER, every product ever launched by UNILEVER has always had a communal good. Surf Excel introduced the concept that let your children play, let them get their clothes dirty; do not stop them from growing.

People are growing meaner in the name of business, ruthless, and forgetting the core values of conducting a business. You can give away free services to those who cannot afford it, forgive your employees for crucial mistakes, and have non-monetary agendas for running a business.

Every business must generate revenue, help in the economic growth of the nation, improve the standard of living of the entire community or of as many people as possible, bring innovation, help in the expansion of the market, and generate employment.

It should also educate the society, instigate change in society and help in improvement of market.

Business is not ruthless it is rather the opposite. It is supposed to be humble. Let’s treat the business as an individual and every individual is supposed to help in the growth of society, only then can we grow.

The best marketing strategy out there is that people should relate to your business. How are they supposed to relate to a ruthless entity?

Before starting a business, soften your heart, be kinder and sympathetic. 

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