“Carpoolyn” the Ride-Sharing App

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“Save fuel and share rides”

As a result of the ongoing increase in the price of petrol in Pakistan, many people are reevaluating their driving plans and making adjustments to their buying patterns.

Many Pakistani commuters are trying to save money by using public transportation like buses, rickshaws, and even bicycles instead of paying record-high petrol costs of Rs248 (US$1.2) a liter.

However, carpooling is a common alternative to this problem. Carpooling is becoming increasingly common and convenient, and the Carpoolyn app is here to help.

Their aim is to make people who are heading the same way travel together. Carpoolyn’s ride-sharing service enables people to travel in a new way which is more social, affordable and sustainable.

However, it’s a great initiative because fewer cars on the roads mean less traffic which will also help reduce our country’s carbon footprint and cut air pollution.

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