CM Punjab Announces Free Electricity for the Poor

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In a bid to help relieve the poor, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Hamza Shehbaz has announced that every household in the province consuming less than 100 units of electricity will not need to pay their bills. 

The bills, taxes, and tariffs of all of these households will be taken care of by the Punjab Government which has announced around Rs 100 billion worth of subsidies for these electricity consumers. This should directly affect around 9 million families in Punjab which is a lot given the population of the province is 110 million, from which 70 million are rural population. If you put on average 4 persons in a family, that amounts to 36 million people. That is a staggering amount of people who are going to benefit from this program. 

The program titled, ‘Roshan Gharana Program’, is being seen as the biggest program yet to provide relief to people on such a massive scale. Yes, the previous government had also offered subsidies on petrol which was benefitting all of the population but this program is different. 

Subsidy shouldn’t be given to everyone on the same scale. Categorized subsidies might still have a positive effect on the country as only a targeted number of the rural population is going to benefit from it. 

We don’t know the exact working of the government on this program and for how long they plan on pursuing it. The consumption of electricity varies from season to season and during winters, probably a lot more many people will come to the threshold of consuming less than 100 units of electricity. 

Regardless, the initiative taken by the Punjab Government deserves to be applauded throughout the nation regardless of what political party one supports.  The country seems to be on its way to becoming a welfare state, where you take money from the rich and distribute it to the poor.

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