Don’t Criticize a Thought

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We are complex creatures. Nothing is as black and white as it seems sometimes. Especially on topics that have become even more controversial.

Perhaps it’s their controversial nature, that you’re told you must pick sides to a situation. Though I do believe, that in a world of grey, no clarity of what’s back in my opinion or what’s white in yours, If you have a lot of opinions, you criticize a lot, yet you don’t pick aside, you’re simply a pseudo-intellectual.

This word (pseudo-intellectual) has been thrown around a lot, and perhaps that’s why its meaning is always taken for granted. But I tell you, over here in this article, its weight shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As I’ve mentioned controversial issues, I’d like to talk here, on thee most controversial issue there is right now; Where does your alliance lie in today’s political scenario?

Let’s get one thing straight, right away; in no way am I in any way am not supporting anyone or biasing this talk towards any one party. All I’m trying to do is simply, though as a controversy to my own words in the beginning, that in a world of black, white, and grey, it’s your duty being a citizen of this country, make reason of something and you ‘must’ pick a side.

Now as I move on to the next part of my talk, I’d bring your attention back to this being a grey area and humans are complex beings. In the light of someone, whose worldly understanding of things is slightly different than yours, even just as little as a nickel, that still, is a different world. That person has a different world than yours, and in that world, what they think, and feel, is right.

You have every right, to think that your opinion is valid, your thoughts that you’ve curated after years of observation and taking in information (even though we know how much is manipulated and brought to you) are right in their own world, in your world.

This is what happens when you try to come into the mindset of another person, only then you can try and understand what their perspective is. You might not agree with it, but regardless, in their own light, in their world, what they’re doing is right. Their opinion, in their own light, was and is right.

As we’ve established that everyone has different opinions, observations, and things they prioritize because of which they might support someone who is not to your liking, I’d like to blatantly criticize those, who in such troubling times, want to maintain their neutrality.

It’s almost everything that these people are the ones with the most opinions. “No one is worthy of supporting “, is essentially saying that there is no hope for this nation. I get it, really, we all do. No one in this political scenario is the straight winner, criticism can be thrown ten folds onto every person out there. For some, towards one more than the other, and it’s in that gauging and analysis, that you must pick a side.

Staying neutral is saying that there is no hope left. Well maybe there isn’t, but you must be part of the change, it may be as slight and little as it may be.

Perhaps you could incline yourself towards at least one thing that you think one political party is doing right. May it be the strengthening of the constitution by the PPP, and their liberal nature. The economic policies of focusing on the infrastructural development of PML(N), or the foreign policy of PTI. There are several avenues one can incline oneself to, but to remain stationary, to be stagnant in a world where you already think that things are going to remain stagnant: you are part of the reason for such a stagnation.

Choose who you must, support who you want to, for whatever reason that you want to, but you must practice your voting right. It should be made a crime for people who (willingly) do not.

Little by little, drop by drop, you must be part of the change. In a scenario where you think everyone is evil, you must choose the lesser evil.

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