Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

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The book “Eleven Minutes” is written by the famous author of “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho whose work has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. In many ways “Eleven Minutes” is similar to “The Alchemist” as it is very well written, articulate, and flows incredibly well. The main theme of the book is a search for the meaning of life and the various philosophies involved. Like many other books by Coelho, this one keeps the reader entertained and entranced throughout and ends by leaving with them a sense of profound understanding.

            While books having deep meanings and messages is welcome, sometimes it is too overdone and shadows the rest of what the book has to offer. This is not the case with “Eleven Minutes” whose message is expressed subtly without making the reader struggle too much to understand. While many authors have attempted to express their views on the meaning of life through their works, very few have managed to do so as beautifully as Paulo Coelho.

            The main character of this story is Maria, a beautiful Brazilian girl who lives in Europe working as a high-end prostitute with the goal of earning enough money to buy herself and her parents farming land back in Brazil. There are not many books, especially by Coelho, which tackle such a controversial topic. The book contains very intimate sexual details, something which caused a great deal of controversy amongst conservative readers and audiences. Despite this, Maria is a very likable main character who is shown to always be striving towards understanding new concepts and making her life better through learning. She is shown to be curious, willful, and above all, optimistic about life despite the circumstances in which she is living. While the book is not suitable for younger audiences, it is a great read for people attempting to gain a new perspective on life.

Rating: 4/5

Read Time: 3-5 days

Author: Paulo Coelho

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