Erling Haaland’s Unbelievable Start With Manchester City

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When a new player joins club, it usually takes him a few games to get in sync with the team. He needs to understand the teams playing style and their strengths and weaknesses. For strikers, it is even harder to adjust because you need to synergize with the team’s midfielders. But one player has defied all odds and turned into a goal scoring machine for Manchester City. By now any one even remotely interested in footballing world would have heard his name. He is Erling Haaland.

Haaland had already proved his muscle at Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Over the 69 matches he played for Dortmund in Bundesliga and UCL across 3 seasons, he scored 75 goals and assisted 17 times. So, it was a true bargain for Manchester City to sign him for just £51 million.

The Transfer Written in Stars

Erling Haaland is the son of Alfie Haaland, who played in Premier League as well, most notably for Manchester City. Alfie was tackled by Manchester United infamous captain Roy Keane, and the injury ultimately resulted in ending his career. When Erling signed for City, many people started speculating as to how the prodigy son of Alfie will avenge his father’s injustice. He was referred to as the United Killer. And sure enough when Erling was asked who he was most excited to play against, his answer was “Manchester United”.

The start of the season saw Haaland score a second half hat-trick to make a comeback after being 2 goals down against Crystal Palace. From then on the goals kept on poring. He scored another hat-trick against Nottingham Forest only one week later. He scored 5 goals in 3 matches in the UEFA Champions League as well.

Manchester Derby

Man City Defeated Manchester United 6-3

The much anticipated Manchester Derby was crème de la crème. Haaland and his teammate Phil Foden both scored hat-tricks. The end result was 6 – 3, a humiliating defeat to the red giants, who for many years had been favorites at the derby. Many fans termed the victory as ‘karma’ for United, who ended Erling’s father’s career.

Although Haaland is a born striker, the combination with midfielder Kevin De Bruyne needs to be mentioned. De Bruyne has been instrumental in providing Haaland with amazing assists throughout the season.

As it stands, Haaland has scored 20 goals in 18 matches and has 3 assists. This is unprecedented in the history of Premiere League. The current projection for Haaland is that he will score 60+ goals this season. This will thwart the current record held by Andrew Cole who scored 34 goals. Another amazing fact is that Haaland took only 8 games to score 3 hat tricks, the same amount that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has. For Ronaldo it took 285 games.

Manchester City currently sits at second place in Premier League behind Arsenal. If Haaland continues his current form, city will undoubtedly overtake the gunners. Man City coach, Pep Guardiola needs to take special care that Haaland does not face an injure. As football fans, we would all like to see the young star, break all sorts of records this season.

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