Fathers Day

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As we go about our daily lives and pass one day on to the next, there are some things which we need to pause for. One of them being, taking a day out for appreciating our hard working fathers. 

In our society, like any other, the sentimental value of parents is mostly attached to the mother, who no doubt loves her children unlike any other person on the planet. But somehow in the importance given to mothers, we tend to shadow the efforts of the father. 

Fathers since our birth, have been working silently in the background, trying to make a living for their family. Working every day and for some every night as well just to try to support their families. In a constant effort which is expected the man to put in, we tend to forget that we need to be more appreciative and grateful for all the things a father does for their children. 

Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of every June, and it has been celebrated since its conception in June 19, 1910. Before that, only mothers day was celebrated.

It was in the early 1900s that when a woman named Sanora Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower, tried to establish an equivalent to Mother’s Day for male parents. Spreading her idea to churches and government officials she was successful: Washington State celebrated the first statewide Fathers Day on June 19, 1910.

You’d be surprised how much appreciating a father can make his day. Though we need to be appreciative every day, but its important to make an occasion out of this day. Its the least a person can do to for once, be on the giving end towards our fathers who have been on the giving end since our birth and will continue to do so till they live. 

One thing we need to be more careful of is how we celebrate it. Going up on social media and bombarding everyone elses feed by shouting out Fathers Day might make you feel better as you put your emotions out there for the world to see, but all this can be done in private with your close family. One post is fine, but a whole bunch of stories proclaiming and announcing the celebration is another. We need to be mindful of those people who have lost their fathers recently, or even a long time back, as for some people this can become a trigger.

Never under estimate the power of a small gesture. When it comes from children to their parents, its magnified in the parents eyes by a hundred time.

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