First Pakistan Football Club with International Standards

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Have you ever heard of a football club that provides free accommodation, food, education, and training? This blog will give you with interesting facts about a football club in Pakistan known as “Popo Football Club.” Pakistan provides internationally recognized footballs across the globe and is now training young football enthusiast into professional players under POPO Football Club. Therefore, POPO FC deserves some recognition & the nations support.

It is a professional football club located in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan, with facilities of world standard for players of all ages and genders. It encourages and exposes the young potential of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to Pakistan Football. In addition, Popo FC is a member club of the National Football Association of Pakistan. It is one of the few teams in the city that has its own ground in F11 that is granted by the CDA.

In addition, the majority of Popo FC’s players come from rural areas of Pakistan, where many families lack the financial means to send their children to school.  In Islamabad, Popo FC takes care of them, enabling them to attend top institutions and preparing them for a professional future in Pakistan and abroad. For example, two players from POPO FC have already been moved to Brazil, whereas five more players are scheduled to go for Ireland in the very near future.

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