“Global Warming is Not Generated by Pakistan – We Are Paying the Price of Other’s Emissions” says Sherry Rahman About The Floods in Pakistan

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As the country continues to drown in the floodwater threatening to cover one-third of Pakistan by the time monsoon end, the local Climate Minister Sherry Rehman claims that richer countries have to bear responsibility for the floods in Pakistan – because history proves that they are the cause of it in the first place.

The floods and record rains, termed “monsoon on steroids” by the UN Secretary General António Guterres, have killed more than 1200 people and destroyed more than 3000 kilometers of road, and 495000 homes, rendering hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

A family affected by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan

The monster monsoon proved to be an utter devastation for the country. Bhutto-Zardari reported that he has not seen destruction of this scale in his lifetime. This climate catastrophe is indeed “the worst in the country’s history” as reported by the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Cause of Floods:

The impact of flooding accompanied by the rapid melting of glaciers present in the northern part of the country is disastrous. While the immediate cause of the flooding remains to be severe rains, glacial melting has worsened the situation. Pakistan has the most glaciers outside of arctic pole than any other country, and one can only imagine the resulting destruction if all of them start melting at once.

One third of the country is drowned under floods in Pakistan due to global warming

Global warming is the universal cause of glacial melting; and Climate Minister claims that Pakistan does not even contribute 1% to it. Bhutto-Zardari backed her statement by saying that Pakistan contributes negligible amounts to the overall carbon footprint, yet we are devastated by climate disasters such as these time and time again, and we have to adapt within our limited resources.

Influential figures across the globe acknowledge and support their statements, such as the British Parliament Member Claudia Webbe boldly states that Pakistan is paying the price for the rich countries’ greed.

Claudia Webbe tweeted that the floods in Pakistan are a result of global emissions

The severity of the flood catastrophe has compelled Guterres to appeal for international aid and unity against the proclaiming disaster that is global warming, which seems to have “crossed what is clearly a threshold”, as predicted by Shery Rehman.

The UN Secretary General has also scheduled a “solitary visit” to Pakistan on September 9 in regards to the recent floods in Pakistan, and Sherry Rehman expressed her gratitude through a tweet and said that she is looking forward to seeing him in Islamabad soon.

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