Denmark’s 2022 World Cup kit will ‘protest’ against host nation Qatar

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For the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Denmark will be wearing special shirts that express their displeasure with the human rights record of the host nation Qatar.

However, on Wednesday, Danish maker Hummel introduced the new strips for the team, which included a black alternate design.

Hummel called Denmark’s third World Cup shirt “the colour of despair.”

The company emphasized that their support for the Danish team is not an endorsement of a tournament that has killed thousands. in host nation Qatar.

We want to highlight the human rights situation in Qatar and the maltreatment of migrant workers who built World Cup stadiums there.
The Danish Football Association promised last year that its players will wear gear with “important messages”. However, the promise was eventually not fulfilled.

If the national team of a country wears uniforms that contain political messages or symbols, the organisation that runs the squad could get a sanction from FIFA.
The three designs chosen for Denmark—one each in red, white, and black—do not make any overtly political statements. The well-known chevrons, the logo for Hummel, and the insignia for the national team have all been blended into the primary colour of the shirt.
In an Instagram post, Hummel claimed that “thousands of lives have been lost as a result of this event.”


It said, “We support the Danish national team all the way,” but not host nation Qatar.

“We think sports should unite people. We want to make a point when this doesn’t happen.”

Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway wore protest t-shirts before World Cup qualifiers last year.

The Danish federation swiftly joined a European push to have World Cup captains wear heart-shaped, multicolored “One Love” armbands.

Danish officials are leading a soccer federation trip to Qatar to check on promised labor rule changes.

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