5 Hottest Wives & Girlfriends of Football Players

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Are you interested in learning who your favorite footballer has chosen to spend the rest of his life with? If so, you’ve landed in the proper location. Millions of people around the world are fans of football and their favorite players. The wives and girlfriends of these famous football players, however, are sometimes more popular with the fans than the players themselves.

The intimate details of the personal lives and families of public figures are always of great interest to us. Like the rest of us, celebrities experience highs and lows that can be fascinating to learn about. Professional football players have similar lifestyles. Therefore, many of us may wonder what it’s like behind the scenes for them.

Every great man has an equally great lady supporting him. Therefore, behind every football player, there is unquestionably a beautiful, desirable spouse. You do agree, don’t you? Having a wonderful companion in life is one of the greatest blessings.

05. Sara Carbonero – Iker Casillas

A talented goalie, Casillas entered the world on May 20, 1981. His amazing saves earned him the nickname “San Iker,” which means “Saint Iker” in Spanish.

His wife’s name is Sara Carbonero Arévalo. Sara Carbonero is proof positive that less is more when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Born in Spain on February 3, 1984, she is three years younger than Casillas. As a sports reporter in Spain, she put her bachelor’s degree in journalism to good use.

Carbonero started working for Telecinco as a sports commentator and editor in 2009, the same year he started dating his current girlfriend.

Five years later, in January 2014, they had their first son; in November 2015, the couple announced they were expecting again. On June 2, 2016, Sara Carbonero and Iker Cassillas proudly welcomed their first child, Lucas, after having been engaged since March 2016.

04. Melissa Satta – Kevin Prince Boateng

Its common knowledge that Italian TV star Melissa Satta is married to professional footballer Kevin Prince Boateng. Maddox Prince Boateng was born to the happy couple in 2016. In addition, Santa is a kind and caring wife, as attested to by her own husband.

Satta’s allure makes her a no-brainer on any list of footballers’ wives in terms of appearance. But don’t go overboard! Kevin Prince has already wooed and won her heart.

03. Annekee Molenaar – De Ligt

Annekee Molenaar is one of the most popular Instagram models in the Netherlands. The handsome model is dating De Ligt, a Dutch professional football player for the legendary Italian club Juventus FC. Don’t be envious, okay? De Ligt really hit the jackpot! Still, you never know when fortune might smile on you!

As a result, the couple was frequently seen together at gatherings, parties, and even the beach. None of the children have been mentioned by name. After marrying a professional football player, Molenaar became one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world.

02. Bruna Marquezine – Neymar

Bruna Marquezine has a reputation as one of the most stunning and well-liked players’ girlfriends. She’s a Brazilian actress who’s widely considered to be one of the sexiest women in her country.

Don’t go hunting for her films just yet! Watch this video through to the end if nothing else. Since Neymar Jr. is one of the most famous and brilliant football players of his generation, Marquezine has gained more and more notoriety. Previously, they invested a great deal of time in one another’s company. Both of them have moved on, though.

01. Georgina Rodriguez – Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a legend in the sport and is predicted to be the best player in the world by 2020. A key player for Juventus since his arrival in the league in February 1985, his birthday is February 1985. Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, initially met during a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. Starting in 2016, the couple has been an item.

Additionally, it has been said that the two met in the VIP section of a Dolce & Gabbana event and subsequently dated in secret for some time before making their relationship public.

We all know that they are still together. They share custody of Cristiano Ronaldo junior, who was born to a surrogate mother in the United States in June of 2017 and is now seven years old. The couple’s twins, Ava and Mateo, were delivered to an American surrogate mother in June 2017.

Rodriguez has surpassed all others as the sexiest footballer’s wife in the world. She is attractive, pretty, pleasant, and has a lovely physique.

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