How Can Pakistan’s Education System Be Improved?

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Pakistan’s education system has to be improved so that the majority of the population can receive an education.

The greatest strategy to enhance Pakistan’s education system depends on the country’s conditions and needs.

However, here are some ideas that can help:

Education in Pakistan is of poor level and the quality of schools in Pakistan is also bad. As a result, many institutions are providing subpar instruction. Primary education is only available to half of Pakistan’s kids.

Dropout rates are high among newly enrolled students. There are not enough high-quality schools in Pakistan to meet the nation’s growing demand for education. The government should spend more money on education in order to improve it.

In addition, Pakistan’s government should invest in improving school infrastructure. Teachers in Pakistan need more training, which the government may give. Teachers would be able to educate more effectively as a result of this. In Pakistan, there is a lack of educated instructors who can help improve the quality of education.

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 According to the National Education Policy 2016-2021, only 3.2 million of Pakistan’s 2.4 million instructors are accredited. Moreover, the number of teachers lacking the required certifications is increasing.

Most Pakistanis are unaware of the nature of their nation. They were unfamiliar with Pakistan. They have no idea how the government works. They are unaware of how the economy operates. Many young people, in fact, have no clue that what they want to do when they grow up. Nobody knows what they will be recruited for as of yet. They are unaware of what is next.

How do we make sure that everyone knows about this?

Government should play vital role, and educate people about:

  • What is going on in the country and what the people do for a living.
  • Government works
  • Economy
  • History of the country
  • Culture/ Traditions
  • Religion
  • Language

The government must invest heavily in the education of the people. Additionally, people cannot afford private schools. The government should thus educate the people. Uneducated individuals are dangerous. They cannot consider the future. They will be egocentric. They cannot consider any others. They will be hostile and violent. They will produce social difficulties.

Unschooled individuals cannot obtain a good career. They are unable to provide for themselves and their family. Moreover, these individuals cannot produce a favorable environment for the rest of the population. They are incapable of contributing to society.

People who are not well-educated cannot acquire a decent job, too. A better future for our children and better society can only be achieved by instilling in them the correct values, morals, and attitudes. It is the only way for them to have a brighter future.

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