How To Tap into The Autumn Aesthetic In 5 Easy Steps

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The crisp air, changing colours and leaves crunching underfoot – there’s something about the autumn aesthetic that speaks to your soul! The shift from summer to autumn brings feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and optimism.

This season, despite the abstract melancholy attached to it, just has a certain vibe that is all its own. Of course, you can feel the vibe more intensely outside in the nature, but if most of your time is spent indoors, there is still a way of enjoying the fall foliage!

Here’s five ways that you can bring autumn inside your house or office!

1.      Cosy Home Décor:

Filling your house with warm and saturated colours and a few decorative pumpkins can really increase the vibes and cosiness of your space for autumn.

decorating the house for autumn aesthetic

But what really will kick the autumn feels in you are CANDLES! Especially scented ones! The warm glow of a candle compliments the autumn aesthetic perfectly.

candles say autumn aesthetic like nothing else

2.      Seasonal Treats:

Nothing sets the autumn mood like mulled apple cider or pumpkin spice! Take the changing weather as a cue to sprinkle everything with pumpkin-spice – kidding!

But autumn is definitely the season to bring back pumpkin-flavoured coffee drinks and creamers, apple cider doughnuts, pastries, pies, cinnamon rolls and whatnot.

seasonal drinks for autumn

3.      Comfy Clothings:

There’s a reason autumn is called the sweater weather! It’s finally time to trade your summer and spring clothes for flannels, boots, and oversized sweaters!

cosy blankets and cushions

And not just the wearables, switch out your bedding to cosy blankets and maybe some new fall-themed cushions on your couch? After all, there can never be too many cushions!

4.      Fall Movies and Music:

Fall movies and music set the atmosphere like no other! So, get ready to put your Halloween socks on, curl up on your couch with a warm blanket and a hot pumpkin drink, and stream all those nostalgic fall-themed movies. Or maybe just enjoy the good ol’, down-home, granola playlists!

fall-themed movies and music just complete the autumn aesthetic

5.      Autumn Activities:

Certainly, activities are not exclusive to a specific season, but some things just hit different when you do them in autumn. Take baking, for example, ask yourself if making pies or baking cookies feels the same in summer as it would in fall?

taking a hike

It’s the same thing about taking a hike, or even a regular walk across the block will have you soaking up those early autumn temperatures. Autumn just makes even the most mundane activities seem so extraordinary!

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