How to Write a Perfect CV

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It’s possible that this year could inspire you to hunt for a new career, but is your CV up to par? According to a survey of 1,000 recruiters by Adecco Retail, deciding whether a candidate’s CV merits, further attention takes just 34 seconds.

People are turned down for an interview because of cliches, falsehoods, and mistakes. So, what are the best practices for creating a perfect CV? Here are a few steps you can follow.

Stay Relevant

A great CV is one that makes you stand out. You have to look good, but you also have to ensure that the experience you talk about is relevant to the job. Check out the job description and make sure it’s clear why you’re the right person for the job.

Be Concise

Be brief, and don’t be afraid to leave out experience that has nothing to do with the job. You may have heard about the traditional two-page limit, but it really depends on the industry and the level of job you want. In general, if you can keep it to two pages, the recruiter will be happy.

Add Hobbies

Add hobbies that are something that shows you are committed but don’t say things like “I like to go out and interact with people” because that doesn’t tell them much about you as a person. They should be specific and actual hobbies.

Make it Accurate

Companies can judge you based on grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Use auto-correct, but have other people look for mistakes as well. It’s always better to have it cross-checked.

It Should Reflect You

It’s important that it looks and feels polished and professional. What font did you use? Are there different fonts and a few bold spots? No title? Think about how colors are used. You can really make that paper shine. Make it reflect you.

Use CV-making Tools

There are a number of tools available online which can really help you out a lot. It can save you time and give you more creativity. You can use Word CV maker or use online sites like Canva or zety etc.

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