Imran Khan Gives Another Ultimatum

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After turmoil and chaos, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan finally made it to D-Chowk early Thursday morning. The country had been on edge since the announcement of a long march. Some people finally had a glimmer of hope to finally remove the “Imported government”, while some remained fearful of the chaos that may erupt once Imran Khan entered Islamabad. Imran Khan was welcomed by hordes of supporters who had been battling their way through state-sanctioned police brutality and roadblocks. Many prominent members of the party were forced out of their cars, beaten, and their cars damaged. Amongst the oppressed was Dr Yasmin Rashid, Minister for Health Punjab. Her car was attacked viciously while shells were bombarded her convoy. Despite her injuries, she managed to escape the blockage to safety. She later took to Twitter to call the current government murderers and fascists. Showing her resolve against the current regime.

Imran Khan marched towards Islamabad with a convoy of thousands of cars and supporters. The police force also let him and his supporters pass by peacefully as if some agreement had been reached between Imran Khan and the current government. Every citizen across Pakistan held their breath and waited to see what Imran Khan had to say. Surprisingly, he called off the current protest. Imran Khan addressed the protesters at Islamabad’s 9th Avenue.  He gave a six-day ultimatum to the government for announcing elections and dissolving assemblies and warned that he would be back with even more people at his side

He accused the current government of fueling anarchy and tension between the police force and protestors. According to him, the government wanted more clashes and incidents to blame Imran Khan for not being able to control his supporters. For the safety of the people and the police force, the protest was called off. He further added that he denounced all the unconstitutional and fascist tactics used by the current regime and thanked the Supreme Court (SC) for taking notice of the matter. Imran Khan questioned the SC judge whether there is space for peaceful protests in a real democracy and why the protesters had to face tear-gas shelling and police raids.

Imran Khan has stated that he will not leave D-Chowk unless a date for the election is announced within the month of June. The protest has been labelled as a riot by opposing parties. News is still breaking out regarding the damages done to public and private property. Many people have allegedly died while clashing with the police, while others have been injured. Although the protest did fall short of expectations and was called off by Imran Khan, the new deadline may produce some positive action.

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