iOS 16: Five Major Features You Should Definitely Check Out

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Guess what? Another iOS update is out! Have you downloaded iOS 16 yet? It’s now available for anyone with a compatible device, and we promise you will not regret updating your iPhone to it.

iOS 16 was first announced in the spring at Apple’s WWDC conference, and it has gone through several beta versions prior to its public launch, like iPadOS 16. It comes with a slew of new features and upgrades that aim to improve how your iPhone works, including that the battery percentage is back!

Now, for the really cool features the new iOS 16 offers that you should definitely check out!

Retrieving Deleted Conversations

This feature is in the messages app on your iPhone. You know, how you accidentally deleted some conversation that you did not want to delete, and now you can’t get it back? Or you need some important information from your deleted conversations?

Well, now you can actually retrieve the chats you delete on iOS 16 – just go to the edit button at the top left and it shows your recently deleted messages!

retrieving deleted messages on iOS 16

Unsending and editing messages

This other feature is also in the messages app, but specifically in the messages thread. With the new iOS 16 update, you are now able to unsend your messages, and edit them.

But keep in mind, that the recipient of your message will be able to see the edit history of the message – and if your recipient has not updated to iOS 16, and is still running the iOS 15, they will see the original message only.  

unsending or editing messages in iOS 16

Removing the Background of Any Image

Now this is the coolest feature of iOS 16! If you have a photo and there is a defined subject in the photo, and if you want to remove that subject, all you have to do is press and hold on the photo.

The subject gets selected, and you can choose to copy and share the isolated subject right from there. Or you can also choose to drag it to anywhere you want in the iOS. It is one of those features that we don’t know how they work but are just an apple-exclusive thing.

removing the background of any image is the coolest feature of iOS 16

Live Text Update

This one might just possibly be our favourite! Live text now supports various conversions and translations from different languages. You can test it by holding up any text before your iPhone camera and clicking on the live text icon at the bottom right of your viewfinder.

new live text features in iOS 16

Music Lock Screen Experience

Last, but definitely not the least, is the all-new lock screen experience for when you are playing music. You must be familiar with the “now playing” platter that lives at the bottom of the lock screen – apple has now taken it one step further in iOS 16.

Now, you are able to click on the album art and fill your entire lock screen with your music! It also gets rid of your wallpaper, and instead makes it a, kind of, blurred out version of the album art. So, not only do you get more immersed in your music, it also looks sick!

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