iPadOS16: Apple’s new release expected in September

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Are you tired of using the same old software on your iPad? There’s a new version every couple of years, but it’s practically bug removal with just a couple of barely noticeable tweaks here and there. Well, worry no more! It’s time for a sleek new interface for your iPad. Apple has announced the release of iPadOS16, an updated software for iPad with new features!

Apple discussed the new features that will be coming along with the latest software at Apple’s annual WWDC conference.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, said:

“iPad is our most versatile device, and we’re excited to take what it can do even further with iPadOS 16.”

The latest OS update, unlike the previous ones, will come with significant changes and new installments. Here are some of the features exclusive to the upcoming iPadOS16:

Weather App:

That’s right! The tablets designed by apple did not have a weather app earlier, apparently apple thought tablet users were immune to changes in weather pattern.

However, the recently added weather app to iPad OS offers a new system of forecast modules with detailed information.

The new weather in the upcoming iPadOS16

Collaboration tools:

Collaboration tools have been integrated into the Messages app so that you can collaboratively work with a message group across Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari, and even some third-party apps.

Notes app:

The new Notes app with iPadOS16 brings improvement for handwritten notes by making the words neater and straighter. It also allows users to insert shapes, drawings and screenshots to Quick Notes for the first time.

Updated Notes app will improve handwritten notes in iPadOS16

Desktop-class apps:

Desktop-class apps seem, by far, the most appealing feature iPadOS16 has to offer. To make iPad feel less like an iPhone with a bigger screen, apple has taken a step towards making it more functional by including desktop-style undo and redo, in-line find-and-replace, customisable toolbars, the ability to change file extensions, and many desktop-exclusive features.

Desktop-class apps are the most prominent feature of iPadOS16

These are the notable features, but it’s not all! Alongside these, apple is planning to bring loads of cool features like enabling unsend or editing texts on Message app, easier switching between the apps and new display features.

So, remain on the edge of your seat, because iPadOS16 will drop in late September, although it might get delayed to October. But, apple promised that it will definitely be released by then.

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