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Purpose and fulfillment. You don’t hear the previous generations talk too much about this. At that time, work entailed something totally different. It necessitated respect, honor, and well-being for the family. I’m not totally striking out the possibility that this is a purely millennial thought, no. But it’s a concept that seemed a little superfluous for the people in the past. How then, did we come to talk more and more about it, and in today’s day and age, why do we fixate so much on finding a purpose and fulfillment, not only in our lives but in our jobs as well? 

The world is your oyster. This phrase was coined back in the early 1600s in a Shakespeare play and has only found its true meaning in today’s day and age. This has certainly been something humankind has been trying to achieve supremacy in for ages; to have endless possibilities, to be able to do whatever it is that your heart sets out for; to have the world as your oyster. Today we truly do have exactly that. So, shouldn’t it become easier for us to find our purpose and fulfillment in our careers? Apparently not. 

In a world full of possibilities, the question remains. Do we choose our careers, or do our careers choose us? More often than not, I believe it’s the latter. Destiny has its way of maneuvering a person through a vast doctrine to land us where we are meant to be. In the midst of it all, where does one find fulfillment then, how does one be satisfied with the experience that one receives?

There is one thing that I believe firmly in, something which Oprah Winfrey once said: “You are here to live out the truest version of yourself”. Only by doing so can we find and struggle toward achieving purpose and fulfillment. Not every job you’ll land will align with your goals and vision. Not every venture you’ll start necessarily helps you attain that sense of purpose, but as long as you remain true to yourself and act in that manner, destiny is bound to lead you to your calling. And to be true to ourselves is the least, and the most, we could do in our lives. 

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