Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

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It has finally come to an end. The white supremacist hyped case of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard was given a conclusion and an end to the never-ending story which at one point, everyone got too much of.

It started off as a case that everyone was interested in. A fan fiction version of Captain Jack Sparrow and Aqua-girl. Friends would ask each other what they think on the matter and exchange their thoughts on this somehow international case. But slowly and gradually, everyone got tired of keeping up. Everyone has a lot of drama themselves they can’t keep up with, let alone the drama of two people living in America.

Do you remember how Megan fox and Machin Gun Kelly kept coming on the newsfeed and you were being somehow forced to keep up with them? Well, at the end of it, it was the same with Johnny and Amber. I mean, even the Kardashians didn’t bombard the media as their news stories did.

Ranting about how everyone had had enough of the case, I’d just like to put in my token of words on the case still. Everyone celebrating how justice was served, is a very naïve thing to do. Even though at the end of it God knows what would’ve happened between the two, I think both of them were each other’s abusers.

The relationship had gotten toxic for both of them, and it is hard to get out of a relationship even if it becomes toxic, I’m sure everyone has experienced some form of toxic relations in their lives. To be so closely associated with someone, live with them for years and then it having turned sour; there are no winners in this and absolutely no single person is right. 

The fact of the matter remains that you can’t clap with one hand, and likewise, no single person was right amongst them. Johnny was an alcoholic, and he did things that might not have come to light properly but he sure was Amber’s abuser. Likewise, Amber was Johnny’s abuser as well. Johnny, after all, being more popular in the media, used that influence to have more weight on his side of the story.

Don’t you remember the case of O.J. Simpson? Don’t tell me the media doesn’t have a string tied on Justice’s hands. Well, it is what it is.

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