K-Pop Band Blitzer’s Shoots Video in Pakistan

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The K-pop band Blitzer’s, was in Pakistan the past month and they weren’t just here for touring the place, but they shot their very own music video in Lahore. 

The music video of their latest song Hit the Bass’, was released this past Wednesday and has taken the internet by storm. Depicting the Lahori culture to be more specific, they’ve made it by carefully curating everything which speaks to Pakistanis and Lahoris specifically. 

The music video has in just 5 days of its release been viewed 2.4 million times and they have been receiving a lot of love and praise from Pakistan. 

They’ve featured the keystones of our culture and heritage and made the whole thing very personal to us. Let us break it down for you and tell you everything. 

Truck Art

The famous Pakistani Truck art has been featured many times in the video as it acts as a key feature of the video with the hip dance moves and lit vibe.

Standing on top of these totally desi buses and trucks the band makes this symbol of a cool vibe their key feature in the music video. 

Here you can see them dancing in front of our fancy vibing trucks.

A Red Wedding Hall

The bigger the better, and the redder the fancier. The music video also incorporates the wedding scene of a typical Punjabi wedding where the dance floor is there to dance all night long. The video shows a huge wedding hall featured with these band members showing off their dance moves. A very Pakistani thing to do. 

Badshahi Masjid

The video starts with Badshahi Masjid’s full footage which grasps the magnificence of the mosque. It seemed that even they, like everyone else, were mesmerized by the Mosque and had to have it at the beginning of the video to grasp viewers from all around the world. 

One of their band members oversees the Badshahi Mosque from what we assume is ‘Haveli’ the restaurant. 

They have also covered some views of the Lahore Fort in the video as they tried to get as much of Lahore as they can. But the beauty of Lahore can’t all be brought into one video. There’s just too much to show. 

Here you can see Chis, a band member, outside the Quaid-e-Azam Library in Lahore. The band made sure to enjoy their trip to the City and you can see that they made the most of it in their music video. 

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