Kahan hain Haqooq?

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In recent days, the rights of women have been abused in broad daylight. No one has noticed or mentioned this at this time. Maryam Nawaz, who believes she speaks for all women in Pakistan, has been silent over the recent violence against women. The police are conducting house raids, take ladies onto the streets, arresting them, and what not.

Shireen Mizari, ex- human rights minister; she was mistreated, dragged, and beaten by Pakistani police. No one stood up for her. Where are these prominent feminists today? When Imran Khan made a speech on Maryam Nawaz, so-called feminists flooded social media with the label “Misogynist” for Imran Khan. Regarding Shireen Mizari, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid however, there were few tweets and messages from only PTI supporters.

Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, ex member of Provincial Assembly of Punjab; She was also a victim of police brutality in broad daylight on May 25, 2022. Furthermore, Andleeb Abbasi, like many other women, was subjected to violence. Regardless of party affiliation, the nation must unify to call attention to this violation of women’s rights. Why don’t mainstream feminists speak out against people who openly abuse women’s rights?


To state the obvious, women’s rights are unrelated to any political party or ideology. Why do you believe that women who belong to your party are the only real women, while all others are merely soulless bodies with no rights?

Aurat March Walou, Aurat ke Haqooq ab kahan hai?

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