Kasur: Three children among seven abducted

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In the past 24-hours, seven people were kidnapped from various locations throughout the Kasur area. Among those abducted were two women, three children, and two adults.

On Friday, police stated that Naseem Haider, a resident of the Halla area, had informed Sarayei Mughal police that his sister Sumera, 30yrs old, including her three children, Gulshan, 12yrs old, Ali Nawaz, 10yrs old, and Ali Sufayan, 5yrs old, were all at home when Saleem and others allegedly entered the house by force and abducted all of them. However, Saleem is charged with kidnapping all of the individuals.

Moreover, Saddar Phoolnagar police stated that Abid, a resident of Kot Subhan Singh, informed them that a worker named Farooq kidnapped his son Ehtesham, 12yrs old, as well as stole Rs65000 in cash and his motorcycle under threat of violence.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, the B-division police said that the accused Muhammad Ali including 15 other people were responsible for breaking into the home of Riaz, a resident of Islampura, and kidnapping Aliza, 15yrs old.

Khalid Bhatti, a factory worker, was reported missing by his brother Safdar Bhatti, 25yrs old, a resident of Sangeet Singhwala village, to Raja Jung police.

However, this is not the end of the list of abductions. Every day, numerous individuals are the victims of crimes such as kidnapping, rape, and what not. Sadly, the issue in Kasur will not be discussed until or unless something of mass interest has occurred. Before we have another Zainab-like tragedy, we must bring these issues to light on various platforms!

External Link: https://dailytimes.com.pk/942047/seven-abducted-from-kasur-in-24-hrs/

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