10 weird laws in Kim Jong Un’s North Korea that will make you thank you weren’t born there

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The United States is looking into reports that North Korean leader. Name Kim Jong Un may be in a serious condition following heart surgery. He was reportedly in imminent danger, according to a CNN story. A spokeswoman for the South Korean president’s office said the rumours were unconfirmed. According to the International Liaison Office of the Chinese Communist Party. Despite rumours to the contrary, Kim is not in critical condition.

As a totalitarian state, North Korea plays by its own set of rules. It’s a good thing you don’t live there because the country has many strange rules and hides many secrets.

Here are just a few examples

  1. There are severe penalties for engaging in illegal activities, such as listening to foreign music or watching foreign language films. To quell discontent, Kim Jong Un ordered the destruction of all cassette tapes and CDs containing songs that had been prohibited by the government in 2015. A person caught watching an American film faces the death penalty, but a person caught watching an Indian film faces imprisonment. The death sentence is a possible outcome for those who distribute pornographic materials.
  2. It’s against the law to make calls across international borders. Sometime in 2007, a man who had made numerous international calls was gunned down.
  3. Sleeping through a meeting while Kim is speaking could result in the death penalty. Hyon Yong-chol, the defence minister of North Korea, was shot dead by an anti-aircraft gun in front of more than a hundred witnesses after dozing off during one of Kim Jong Un’s rallies in 2015.
  4. Any slur against Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leadership, or any of the politicians there is deemed blasphemy and can carry harsh penalties. A mother was arrested in January for allegedly choosing to rescue her children from a burning building over rescuing a painting of former president Kim Il-sung.
  5. Men in government positions are the only ones who are allowed to operate vehicles. Despite the prevalence of female traffic officers, women are not permitted to hold driving licenses. Due to government regulations, hardly one in a hundred people can actually afford to own an automobile.
  6. On July 8, 1994, the day of North Korea’s late leader Kim Il-death, sung’s smiling was officially banned by the country. There will be no tolerance for excessive noise, dancing, or alcohol consumption on this day.
  7. Marijuana use is common, and, unlike in much of the globe, the legal system does not criminalize either the sale or possession of marijuana.
  8. Jeans are banned because they are associated with the capitalist system. Skirt-wearing women are expected to have knee coverage. The use of bikinis is strictly forbidden.
  9. All three of North Korea’s official television stations are governed by the country’s central government.
  10. Residents of North Korea are prohibited from leaving the country without official permission. Those who make an attempt to leave are transported to labor camps or sometimes killed.

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