Life – Have you thought enough about it?

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Walking over a zebra crossing, I watched as the cars stopped to let me go about my own. Birds sat chirping on the tapestry of a nearby carpet shop, watching me as I make my way amidst the vehicles and people. Lost in a pattern of my own design, it suddenly hit me, as if the pill in the matrix has digested in my stomach and reached my brain. In the entanglement of this world, in the middle of a very happening place, I wondered, what is life?

No really, this isn’t the first time this question crossed my mind, but perhaps the first time in such a yearning did my mind, heart, and soul, all screamed at once begging me to find an answer to this question. I started observing others. The people on the benches, walking on the sidewalk, buying, and selling fresh fruit and vegetables and at the same time, those birds. Those birds too were watching this spectacle of life, as casually as they always do perhaps.

Well that’s where the difference comes in, they’re animals. They haven’t developed the cerebral cortex and thus have not gained the capability of cognitive thinking. But then again, they know feeling. A dog jumps with excitement seeing someone he/she loves. So they have their life, in their own meaning. So what is mine?

I came into this world unwillingly, or if I came willingly, I don’t remember life before birth and I don’t know what I’ll feel after death. So if the past and future are uncertain, the only thing I’m sure of is the present.

Things started to make more sense, as I took turns in chatting with my brain and then pausing to absorb the environment. By this time, I was gaining control of my neural motor actions. Becoming more conscious of the present and not being so much up in my head. Yes, but only to ponder on this question for a little.

In the distance I see a mother kissing the forehead of a son, a couple holding hands, and now the birds which sat so observantly on the tapestry, are chasing each other through the wind.

THIS! This is what lifes all about I felt. Not only the present, but what you feel in the present. To experience life as it is, all wonders of it, all emotions of it. To fathom that my present, is intertwined with millions and millions of other presents, is just beautiful. Strange how having a more evolved cerebral cortex can change everything. But then again, that’s life, and I’m most certain to question and think about again sometime.

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