M.M. Alam, The World-Record Aviator Who Became Ace in A Day

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Did you know that it was a Pakistani who established the world record fastest “ace in a day“? That is correct! And the aviator was no other than the renowned Muhammad Mahmood Alam, commonly known as M.M. Alam.

Alam was a Pakistani fighter pilot born on 6th July 1935 in Calcatta in then British India. He was the eldest of 11 siblings and assumed the role of the up bringer of the family. He did not marry because of it, however, it’s said that he was married to the skies.

Alam grew up in Bengal and completed his secondary education in East Pakistan from Government High School in Dhaka in 1951.

M.M. Alam standing before a fighter jet

He joined the Royal Pakistan Air Force, now Pakistan Air Force, in 1952, and was granted commission on 2nd October 1953. M.M. Alam was a North American Aviation F-86 Sabre flying ace and an air commodore.

Contribution of M.M. Alam in 1965 War:

His services in the 1965 war are the reason behind his popularity. Alam downed nine Indian fighters in an air-to-air combat during the famous war. He was posted in Sargodha at that time.

Alam was nicknamed “Little Dragon” due to his exceptional flying skills. A fine display of those skills took place on 7th September 1965, as the war hero downed five Indian Hawker Hunter craft in less than a minute, scoring an ace in a day and making history by establishing a world record.

Due to his services, M.M. Alam secures the top position at the hall of fame list at the Pakistan Air Force (P.A.F.) Museum in Karachi. He twice received Sitara-e-Jurat (Star of Courage), the third highest military of Pakistan, and a medal bar for his gallant and distinguished actions.

M.M. Alam’s statement regarding the flying ace is a true mark of his humbleness. The national hero stated,

“Before we had completed more than of about 270 degrees of the turn, at around 12 degrees per second, all four Hunters had been shot down.”

During a speech in a university of Karachi, he declared that he had seen a “spiritual force coming from the sky during the fight.”

The great war hero passed away on 18th March 2013 in Karachi, leaving behind a legacy of courage for the upcoming generations.

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