Mahira Rocking the Latex

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The actress has shown; you’re never too old to wear latex

Everyone gets the shivers when they think about almost entering the fourth decade of their life. It’s a cycle which has constantly repeated in your past. When you  turn 20, you feel that you’ve hit your prime. Until you turn 30 and you feel like life is just almost over, and when you turn 40, people are quick to question what they have been doing in their lives. 

But what we admire is a brave person who carries themselves like you’re supposed to and never let age be a factor. Just like a Lahori girl, who is brave and always up on the go.

Mahira Khan is 37 years old, and she just does not stop mesmerizing us with her beauty and style. Look at her absolutely rocking these latex pants!

She keeps on shocking fans with her different style and trends, but this one, all of us are BLOWN away! 

In her latest Instagram posts, Mahira has featured a whole row of her feed to her latest latex pants shoot and her fans (basically everyone) are in awe. 

In her video post, Mahira wore latex pants and a long skirt. A combination of black and white shot very tastefully. In the caption Mahira wrote:  

“And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time

Till touchdown brings me round again to find…”.

It sure seems Mahira is having fun, listening to music and pulling off – every – look – on – the – Planet !  

Lahoris are always quick to fashion and we’re sure that they  would be quick to catch on to these trends being laid out by Mahira, and rock them as she does.

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