Men will be Men

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The world has taken millions of years to evolve human beings into what we are today. From apes and monkeys, we have come a long, long way. Through this evolution, we became decent, well-mannered and filled our behavior with antiquates.

But, somewhere down the road, Pakistani men took a break. They felt that they have had too much of evolution, and what seemed ahead was going to be too difficult and they’ll have to give up on too much. After all, it’s a man’s world, isn’t it.

Why should a man be required to behave a certain way which seems elegant? Why not, as they call it, ‘be a man’.

The definition got mixed with their interpretation, and somehow these graceful qualities a human being should possess, felt to them as un-natural.

What seemed more natural to them? That’s something interesting. For starters, men don’t like to be told where to urinate. The world is their oyster, and so it is their toilet too apparently. Convenience, that’s what it is. Why else has God made it biologically so easy for them to be able to urinate wherever they can? Since they can, so they must.

It doesn’t stop there. Their ‘manliness’ transcends this sphere of influence. Spitting for example. A man shall spit whenever he needs, wherever he pleases to. May it be paan, may it be seeds or may it be mucus. As I mentioned before, it’s just a matter of convenience translated into manliness. God, forbid you to see a woman do the same, and that would be absolutely uncultured and would raise fingers on the character of the girl with never-ending scrutiny of every aspect of her being.

Now coming onto the epitome of manliness. The place which is the birthplace of testosterone, the testicles. In our culture, we have always heard to conceal our private parts, and no action should be made to make them obvious or let anyone even think of them. Apparently, this thought seemed to be preached only to women. Men on the other hand seem to have a free hand in this. How can you stop a man, from touching his manliness? You simply cannot and he simply won’t stop either. It’s a matter of pride to have had a pair of balls hanging beneath you. You should just be glad that they at least have the decency to cover it with a cloth. Otherwise, it seems if it were completely up to men, they would roam around flaunting their genitals because that’s what makes a man a ‘man’.

Men will be men. This statement is a hall pass for every action of a man. What a cheat code to have in this life isn’t it. If you would see a woman do any, God forbid if all of these things, she would be declared a witch and burnt on a wooden stake. But then again, it’s a man’s world, isn’t it?

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