Midsummer Chaos Season 2

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We all remember the web series that was suddenly everywhere on our news feed. Whether you loved it or hated it, people everywhere were talking about it. That’s right Midsummer Chaos season 2 is coming and people are ready for it.

The series was released in June of 2021, at the height of the pandemic. The series was written and produced by a group of young teenagers living in Islamabad. This was a pleasant surprise as most of the Pakistani cinema industry is dominated by the older generation. Midsummer Chaos was a coming of age. The five-part series showed a close look into the lives of a group of elite teenagers living in Islamabad. The show highlighted the “struggles” and the problems the “woke” and privileged face. Through the show we see the characters struggle with identity, develop self-awareness and manage romantic relationships.

The writer and director Ahmed Saryam broke the news on Twitter with a sneak peek of the script he is working on. This time he has another writer working with him on the script, Ayesha Naveed.

The reaction of the public was extremely mixed the last time the show aired. Many people loved a look into the lives of privileged Gen-Z. There is little or no other piece of storytelling that shows similar perspectives, as the majority of Pakistani cinema is busy focusing on in-law drama. Others called the show out for poor writing and terrible acting. Islamabadis themselves were almost offended at the portrayal of their lives. The fake accents and snobbish attitude were too much for people to handle. On the announcement of the new season, we were blessed with a mix of entertaining reactions. RJ Sabah Bano of City FM 89, replied to Ahmed Saryam, “Please make me a hot aunty – it’s all I ask,”

The trolls were also quick to reply to the announcement of the second season. One individual simply said “it should not happen” While another said that they had just recovered from the last season and its too soon for another one.

Whatever your own opinion of the series we are all excited for some fresh new memes and entertainment the show provides. Cringing and laughing at the show still counts as entertainment.

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