Most Trendy Female Footwear of 2022

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Even though we all love to talk about the clothes on the runway, let’s not forget about the shoes. After all, everyone looks great in shoes, and there are no limits to the styles you can try.

Adding the newest shoe trends for 2022 to your wardrobe is a quick way to keep your basic outfits up-to-date. This season’s shoe styles are very different because they are based on the top fashion trends for 2022. We have listed some of them out here for you.

Clear sandals

Transparent or pvc sandals took over the footwear industry in a wave. From sandals to heels and even skippers, people are obsessed with this footwear trend.

Kola Puri slippers

One of the most traditional footwear in the subcontinent is the Kola puri chappal and designers are bringing back the chappal in more style. From leather finish to metal embellishment, Kola Puri slippers are in peak fashion these days.

Embellished Slippers

When looking for embellished sandals, you’ll find the rhinestone sandals the most in demand.


An all-time trendy and traditional footwear in the subcontinent is the Khussa. Though it has never run out of fashion, Khussas are being brought back in more stylish and embellished look to wear to.  all of your events 

90s Mules

Mules are easy to put on and take off because they don’t have laces or other complicated fasteners. It has one simple strap and a low-to-mid heel. They also coming with a playful twist, like animal prints or sparkly details.

Padded Sandals and Shoes

Look out for pillowy/ thicker looking sandals. Designers are into quilting everything these days including shoes and thithicker-looking footwear to get your hands on.

Pointed Sandals and heels

A pointed-toe shoe, whether it’s a heel or a flat, instantly makes your legs look longer and nods to the ’80s and ’90s trend that has been taking over the runway ever since. These are perfect for a formal event.

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