Moving to Manchester United- Ronaldo’s Career Ending Mistake?

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Ronaldo’s career has been nothing but extraordinary. Since his early days at United, he has been the star player of every team he has been a part of. Having such a player at your team is sure way to bag trophies. But since last year, Ronaldo has found himself in a precarious situation in which neither is he scoring the same amount of goals nor is his team winning any major trophies.

Many people seem to attribute the drought of goals and trophies to Ronaldo’s age. At 38, many football players would throw in the towel. Looking back at his career, one would think that Ronaldo would be happy to pack up his bags. But the fire to score goals can still be seen within himself. He can be seen running, dribbling and winning headers as if he is still in his twenties.

Lack of Chemistry between Ronaldo and United

Now in his career’s twilight, Ronaldo dreamt to play with Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League. But missing chemistry between players and manager have deprived him of playing in the Apex tournament. The failure to qualify for champions league is not the only problem Ronaldo had to face at United this time around. He has been benched for much of the season including the much anticipated Manchester derby. This has left him frustrated which is shown in his demeanor towards United’s manager, Ten Hag.

United has failed to orchestrate the team around Ronaldo, a formula that had worked wonders for Juventus and Real Madrid. Failure at United could be career ending for Ronaldo. He has a salary that few clubs can manage , and after the failure at United, the few that can ,will be vary to say the least.

Ronaldo has done more for football than any other player can even imagine. His presence at major football events brings thousands of fans alone. Seeing him in a club that does bring out his best is truly saddening for every football fan. We can only wish that in the winter transfer window, he signs with a top club and we can see him again in top form.

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