Google for Startups Accelerator Launched in SEA, Pakistan

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It is small enterprises that fuel the economy. For businesses to flourish, they need access to the proper information and resources. Google for Entrepreneurs is a global programme that helps startups in emerging regions succeed by offering resources, training, and mentorship.

Google launched the Google for Startups Accelerator (GFSA) in Southeast Asia (SEA) and Pakistan to help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that may raise revenue and create jobs.

Financial technology, health technology, retail/e-commerce, and B2B solutions for SMEs companies are encouraged to apply to Google since they can work on the region’s most pressing problems.

The Growth-Focused Service Alliance (GFSA) helps early-stage enterprises connect with target markets and expand. However, seed and series a companies will participate in a three-month training programme that includes online and in-person group learning sessions, sprint projects, and one-on-one coaching from Google specialists in new Businesses.

Accelerated education, coaching from Google experts, and networking with other business leaders are some of the perks of GFSA. The course offers mentorship, access to Google’s AI, ML, cloud, Android, and web expertise, and product design. Moreover, business strategy, customer acquisition, and leadership development training.

GFSA’s Most Promising New Businesses

Google’s GFSA programme has helped 90 enterprises in Southeast Asia and Pakistan earn over USD5.4 billion and create over 1,600 jobs since 2016.

The website seeks out writers whose opinions have weight in their communities and whose efforts can bring about substantial change in new Businesses.

Health Metrics, a Malaysian company that visited GFSA in 2017, has linked over a thousand enterprises to their partner healthcare providers.

Health Metric’s reliable benchmarking and data analytics reports is now available to these businesses.

DeafTawk, a Pakistani participant in GFSA 2020, is another prominent alumna. The company’s mobile app has helped the deaf in many ways. Including access to internet sign language interpretation, audio-video translation, and education. Deep Tawk has served approximately 18,000 people in Singapore and Pakistan because to its pool of more than 1,100 interpreters.

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