New supersonic jet could get from London to New York in just 80 minutes

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A supersonic jet could fly from London to New York in 80 minutes. Hyper Sting would travel 2,486mph, nearly double Concorde’s speed.

Oscar Vials claims 170 humans may move faster than sound. He says Mach 3.5 might be possible with novel technology like a cold fusion reactor and supersonic jet.
Two ramjets and four hybrid turbojets would be powered. The Hyper Sting would be 328ft long and 169ft broad, compared to Concorde’s 85ft.

Oscar stated, “Concorde was a magnificent piece of machinery and a noble attempt, but it was too polluting, too noisy, and too expensive to operate. Supersonic flight may be on the horizon, but there are difficulties to overcome.

“The Hyper Sting is a supersonic commercial jet concept. Some ideas for a new age of supersonic flights are well underway and could become a reality in a few years.

Oscar’s design was named after the plane’s form.

“The fuselage would have the shape of a ‘giant sting’ with a very pointed ‘nose’ to regulate front airflow (pressure/speed) and spread it across the centre area and the wings,” he explained.

The Barcelona designer thinks his plan is viable but needs technological breakthroughs.
Supersonic flights will return, but due to new technology like the cold fusion reactor, production won’t begin until 2030 and won’t be cheap.

Hyper Sting’s specification of supersonic jet

Capacity: 130–170 passengers

Length: 328 ft 4 in (100.03m)

Wingspan: 168.63 ft 0 in (51.40m)

Maximum speed: 2,664 mph (4,287km/h, 2,315kn) (Concorde: 1,354mph)

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