Obsession with Oppression

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Self-awareness. A word which has been becoming more and more common, and now it’s part of a new culture the world has ushered into; woke culture. Being aware of oneself also extrapolates to being aware of one’s surroundings. As the world grows more ‘woke’, people begin to have an opinion on nearly everything and have their ideas about what, how, and why of nearly everything. You’d think that by this time, they’ll have pinpointed one very toxic trait of society and worked on it; Our obsession with oppression.

Things are not always as they seem to be, and certainly, it is the case for underlying social tendencies and norms which have developed maybe forever. As one looks into social tendencies, how people react to scenarios and what the new normal is, you always find these tendencies lying at the root of what we call human nature.

This very nature is the most prized target of businesses and corporations. Human beings are in constant want of something that they can’t have, and through carefully articulated marketing strategies, we are made to want certain things, wear a certain brand or live a certain way. Human tendency for constant change is one of its most thriving yet devaluating qualities as well. Devaluating only for those who fall prey to this form of business because those who benefit are the ones controlling the mindset. They fall prey to this thought that somehow in some way, they are oppressed in a certain way, and buying things would make them feel better. But it’s always towards the next best thing and then the next best thing a person looks towards, a never-ending cycle. 

The human brain is the most complex thing in the world. Apart from back holes and string theory, the human brain is the only object if you may, which is observable and has remained a complex mystery. Picking out the brain, connecting it to human tendencies, and then extrapolating it toward societal norms, you can observe one thing; the human brain is intrigued with drama, especially drama in different forms of oppression.

It’s only human, being like this. There is no interest if things remain constant and unchanged. If you think about it from another point of view, even scientists want drama; A new theory, a new element, or proving a hypothesis, everything is a form of drama. But the world is polar and even to drama, a toxic trait of human beings is to be attracted towards oppression. All ears would stand up and people become alert like a Meerkat when they’ll hear of a dispute in a household. Nothing can be tastier than gossip which is still fresh and new. 

The obsession with oppression is especially more common in South Asia, where families still live together, also in collective clusters where there is always a form of drama going around. The juicer the better right? That’s why subconsciously, in many households, there are two characters: the oppressor and the victim. I don’t know from where we came to this conclusion, but the victim has always taken center stage with being someone who is glamorized because being oppressed somehow translates to that as well. Being oppressed means you’ll get a white knight in your life, so playing victim is a good strategy to get there. People find pleasure in taking pity, in comparing how worse their situation is than what someone else might be going through. 

All in all, it’s all very toxic, this obsession with oppression. But then again, it’s just human nature. 

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