Outdated Education System of Pakistan

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To enable a student to acquire human values, scientific attitude and noble character is the objective of modern education. Such an education system helps in transforming society by producing upright citizens who can contribute positively towards national progress. The curriculum should be designed in such a manner that students are able to face practical problems which they come across in day-to-day life.

The purpose of modern education is to empower students with the knowledge and train them for life. A student after acquiring such an education will be able to face challenges in practical life more efficiently and can also contribute positively towards social betterment.

The fact that people of Pakistan are talented and extremely good at what they do cannot be challenged. Pakistan has been producing geniuses as well as researchers working within Pakistan as well as Globally. Sharmeen Obaid ChinoyAshfaq Ahmed (Computer Scientist), Amir ParachaAnwar Maqsood and many more Pakistanis who have gained Global fame in their respective fields. 

Curriculum is the tool through which the goals of education are achieved. The curriculum of education in Pakistan does not meet the demands of the current times. It is an old and traditional curriculum which compels the learners to memorize certain facts and figures without taking into consideration the reality that education is the holistic development of an individual 

Today Pakistan is faced with many problems such as poverty, insecurity, sectarianism and terrorism. The reasons for these problems are lack of tolerance, lack of general awareness and illiteracy promoted by an ineffective education system. The vital role of education has been neglected in Pakistan which has led to low development in all fields of life. Education has been treated like a step child. The lowest budget has been awarded to the system of education since the establishment of Pakistan which has weakened the foundation of the quality in the education system. The education system, hence, has failed to raise the nation economically, politically and socially. 

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

If we want our talent to reach its maximum potential, we need to start identifying their talent in school at an early age, train them accordingly and widen our curriculum. We need to stop trying to fit in our younger generation into a box and let them be wild with their thoughts. This practice needs to be initiated from schools.

 A lot of effort and changes will be required from Schools initially but looking at the fee structure of Private Schools, they owe it to the nation now. Not only the Schools, but our government should also enable schools in doing so.  

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