Pakistani Graduate Launches Carpooling App

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Mughira Irfan, a 22-year-old Pakistani graduate, has created an app called ‘DriveLu’ to make carpooling more popular and convenient. The Islamabad-based startup lets commuters find fellow travelers to share a journey together while making extra money on the side. The app has already attracted more than 6,000 new users in only a few days, indicating that people are actively looking for new ways to travel.

Irfan, a computer science graduate from Bahria University in Islamabad, began working on the software two years ago during his final semesters. Fuel costs are at record levels, so he believes that now is the ideal moment to launch the app, which might pave the way for Pakistan to move toward more affordable, secure, as well as environmentally friendly ways of transportation.

 Why use one car for one person when you can transport two to four people at once? Why not just carpool?

When asked what compelled him to launch a carpooling app,

“I didn’t have a car or bike during university days and I was uncomfortable commuting in local vans. Standing at the bus stop, I noticed tons of cars with no one but the driver, and I thought ‘What if I could simply pay them to take me along?’ They would make extra money and I’d get a comfortable ride.”


DriveLu CEO Irfan believes ridesharing may “turn the automobile into an asset instead of a burden” By integrating innovative technology and a great user experience to the transportation system, they expect to have a million users by 2023.

Making Carpooling Popular in Pakistan

Carpoolyn, Carpool, Carsea, and Ridely are just a few of the other businesses that have launched carpooling services in Pakistan’s most populous cities, Karachi and Lahore. However, the creator of DriveLu adds that the firm is not worried about competition since they are all working toward the same goal: making life simpler.

Ride-sharing services can reduce traffic congestion, pollution, energy consumption, and drivers’ stress. Due to demand for time- and cost-saving mobility, the worldwide ridesharing business has grown rapidly in recent years.

To read details on Carpoolyn, click the link:

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