Pakistan’s Dependence on Foreign Aid is Becoming a Serious Concern

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The recent climatic catastrophe in Pakistan showed up the developing county’s dependence on foreign aid, as the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had to make an appeal for international funds to help Pakistan deal with the aftermath of the floods.

Even currently, as the country deals with the second wave of disease outbreak after floods, it is very much dependent on the funds it receives from outside. Pakistan is apparently out of money to spend on recovery from devastating floods, its climate change minister said on Tuesday, urging prompt international help at the U.N. launch of an aid appeal as funds needed by the country were ramped up five-fold.

Pakistani workers unload foreign aid relief goods
Pakistani workers unload relief goods sent by the U.S. Agency for International Development

Like several developing countries, Pakistan has heavily relied on foreign aid to finance its economic development since after gaining independence, but lately, we believe that it has evolved into something of a handicap.

A review of recent events shows that Pakistan’s dependence on foreign assistance has always been huge. As soon as the country finds itself in hot water, its instinctual response is to look outward for assistance and rush to either U.S.A. or China or even Arab countries for aid.

Pakistan is still trying to overcome the massive destruction caused by floods, but as soon as the catastrophe hit the country, it urgently called for foreign assistance. The Prime Minister’s House issued a statement requesting Turkish aid.

“Pakistan looks forward to Turkey’s assistance to overcome the challenges caused by massive destruction to the country’s infrastructure, loss of people’s livelihoods, food shortage, and socio-economic insecurity during the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.”

Steps must be taken to alleviate the country’s reliance on foreign aid which, in any case, hasn’t helped the local economy in any significant way. The impact of foreign aid on Pakistan’s economic development has always been a controversial issue, but it is statistically evident that foreign aid has failed to improve the country’s economic conditions.

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